Final preparations for upcoming Beijing horticultural expo chospital id bracelets plasticompleted

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Aerial photo taken on April 19, 2019 shows the China Pavilion of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition (Expo 2019 Beijing) in Yanqing district of Beijing, capital of China. [Photo/Xinhua]

BEIJING - All the preparation work including construction of the site and exhibits arrangement for the upcoming Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition has been completed as the official opening of the expo draws near, according to the organizer.

Construction on the site as well as interior decoration for 110 official and 120 non-official exhibitors have all completed, with their respective operation teams already in place, said Wang Hong, deputy city mayor of Beijing at a press conference Wednesday.

The construction and decoration of venues for all domestic exhibitors including 31 provincial-level regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as 17 enterprises have also come to an end.

Beijing will add more public transport services to facilitate visitors, while a total of 11 temporary parking lots have already been built, which will be able to accommodate over 20,000 cars, according to Wang.

Around the theme of "live green, live better," more than 2,500 cultural activities including a grand opening ceremony will be held during the expo, which is slated to open on April 29 in the district of Yanqing on the northern outskirts of Beijing.

More than 110 official and 120 non-official exhibitors have confirmed participation, which will make it the highest attendance in the expo"s history.

"We will continue to finish preparations for all work and try to offer the world a unique, wonderful and unforgettable horticultural gathering," Wang said.

This is the second time China will hold such a high-level horticulture expo. The southwestern Chinese city of Kunming held the expo in 1999.

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